How To: Create drums sounds using Reason's Thor synthesizer

Create drums sounds using Reason's Thor synthesizer

Create drums sounds using Reason's Thor synthesizerYou can use the Thor synthesizer to make a kick, snare, hat and clap sound.Kick:Use the analog oscillator with triple wave form octave3. Set the source to mod envelope 45 destination oscillator 1.Use a very short attack to K and release time. You get the short effect of pitch. Try different oscillator types to get different textures.Snare: Use the same basic patch that we created for the kick. We will keep it as the basis for most patches for percussion sounds. With the snare sound, add in a noise oscillator set to white noise and running that through a state variable filter to set to notch mode. To tighten up the snares, change the amp envelope.Hats: Still use the analog oscillator set to high range. Use noise oscillator and a 2 state variable filters set to not high pass mode and filter out low frequencies on the analog oscillator to get a high, tingy sound. On the second filter, introduce the resonance to get some ring. To get open and closed hat sound out of the same patch use the rotary button. Select the button as a source in the mod matrix.Hand clap: Use a single noise oscillator and route it to two filters using the mod matrix. Use the mod and filter envelope as the scale. Use the mod envelope to create a delay amount.

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